Why Brake Fluid is Important

The Importance of Brake Fluid Your car’s braking system is made up of many different parts. They all work together to ensure your vehicle slows down and stops. If even one component isn’t functioning properly, it could put you in harm’s way. Brake fluid is essential for a healthy braking system. The brake repair pros

Safe Driving Habits for Texas Teens

Safe Driving Habits Every Teen Should Know For North San Antonio, Texas teenagers, obtaining a driver’s license is an exciting accomplishment. However, getting a license is only the first step in their driving journey. It’s important for parents to properly teach their teens safe driving habits to ensure their safety behind the wheel. The auto

Does My Engine Need Oil Additives?

What You Need to Know About Engine Oil Additives Your car’s engine needs the proper amount of clean motor oil to function at its best. Engine oil keeps all of the engine’s components lubricated, prevents overheating, and clears out debris and gunk. It is composed of base oils and additives. But what exactly are oil

How to Ensure a Safe and Happy Road Trip

Road Trip Maintenance Prep Are you heading to the beach or the mountains this summer?  Perhaps you will be taking random day trips over the next few weeks.  Or maybe, just maybe, you are working on plans for that cross-country trip you have been longing for.  Any which way you go, be certain your vehicle

What Every Motorist Needs to Know about Engine Sludge

When Your Engine Gets the Crud  An ooey, gooey, sticky, and gluey substance that oozes around a vehicle’s motor and its components is engine sludge. It takes form when motor oil breaks down due to oxidation, moisture, loss of viscosity, and contamination. Motor oils are made from base oils, which are made from plants. If

7 Major Brake Parts and How They Function

Major Brake Parts 101 Without the ability to stop, vehicles cannot get up and go. Well, technically speaking, they can start and move about, but it is not going to be pretty if they are unable to slow down and stop.  So, how does this happen, and what are the main parts that allow this

3 Main Types of Motor Oil and How they Are Made

How Death Becomes Part of Our Everyday Life Over time, countless decomposing organisms work themselves into the earth. They mix and mingle with one another, making their way deeper and deeper, until eventually the build-up of heat and pressure turn the beautiful mess into an extremely valuable liquid, crude oil. A liquid that, once extracted

Types of Motor Oil

What Is The Best For Your Vehicle Motor oil is the lifeblood of your car. The oil lubricates the moving parts to reduce friction and helps to keep the engine running at its best. Choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle makes a difference. There are four main types of oil. Understand the difference

Why Maintenance Matters

How To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle Vehicle maintenance in San Antonio is essential regardless of the vehicle type. For one thing, preventive measures such as regular checkups save a lot of money on auto repair. They also keep drivers, passengers, and others on the road safe. Auto Repair Gets Expensive Auto repair expenses

How To Change Your Car’s Oil

Step By Step Guide Vehicle engines run at high speeds, and adequate lubrication is necessary to prevent damage from friction. Your owner’s manual has a maintenance schedule, but it’s not always easy to get your vehicle into the shop. Here’s a step-by-step guide from the pros at Carlisle Air Automotive in South San Antonio, Texas