Keep Your Suspension in Great Shape

Common Suspension Problems Every Driver Needs to Know

As a responsible car owner, you should maintain all of your vehicle’s essential systems, including the suspension. Your vehicle suspension system ensures that you’ll enjoy a safe, smooth driving experience on all types of roadways.

Unfortunately, your suspension is susceptible to wear and tear. If you notice any symptoms of the following common suspension problems, schedule an appointment with the ASE-certified mechanics at Carlisle Air Automotive in South San Antonio, Texas, today.

Feeling Every Bump in the Road

The shocks and struts in your car’s suspension system are designed to absorb the impact from driving over potholes, uneven pavement, and speed bumps. If your drive is bumpier than normal, you may need suspension repair.

Car Won’t Drive Straight

Another common red flag of suspension problems is if your vehicle won’t drive straight. This could indicate that your car needs a wheel alignment. Our suspension specialists at our car repair shop will make the necessary adjustments to keep your tires driving straight.

Steering Issues

Have you recently noticed that your steering wheel is crooked or vibrating? Is it tough to turn your vehicle? If so, there might be something wrong with your suspension. A wheel alignment can effectively resolve this problem. You can trust our crew for all your steering and suspension service needs.

Premature or Uneven Tire Wear

Did you notice premature or uneven wear on your new tires during a routine tire inspection? If your car is misaligned, it will cause your tires to wear out quickly. When your suspension is faulty, it will cause your vehicle to “bounce” over every bump, putting uneven pressure on your tires. This causes your tires to wear in a unique pattern. If your tires are experiencing uneven wear and tear, call our certified mechanics today.

Titled Car

The last common suspension problem we’ll discuss is a low-sitting corner of your car. If your car tilts to one side, it probably has a broken coil spring on that particular wheel.

Your Trusted Suspension Repair Team

If you need to have your suspension fixed, call Carlisle Air Automotive in South San Antonio, Texas, to reserve your appointment. We can be reached [as_phone] and are open six days a week for your convenience. See you soon!

Written by Carlisle Air Automotive