Safe Driving Habits for Texas Teens

Safe Driving Habits Every Teen Should Know

For North San Antonio, Texas teenagers, obtaining a driver’s license is an exciting accomplishment. However, getting a license is only the first step in their driving journey. It’s important for parents to properly teach their teens safe driving habits to ensure their safety behind the wheel.

The auto repair technicians at Carlisle Air Automotive are here to offer some tips to help keep your teen driver secure and confident.

Set a Good Example

One of the most critical things that you should do as the parent of a teen driver is to set a good example. While you’re out and about with your teen, apply safety to your own driving habits. Wear your seatbelt, never speed, and never take your eyes off of the road.

Talk with Them About the Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Even if your teen doesn’t drink, you should have an honest talk with them about the dangers of drunk driving. Teenagers from families that have established rules against drunk driving are 10 times less likely to do it than teens who have no rules in place.

Furthermore, educate your teenager to never, ever accept a ride from anyone who has been drinking.

Smartphones are Off Limits

Your teen’s phone is like their fifth limb. They’re constantly connected. This is why you need to teach them about the importance of paying attention while they’re driving. Distracted drivers can easily cause a collision. When they’re behind the wheel, your teen should never attempt to text or use their phone.

The Rules of the Road

Make sure your teen driver fully understands Texas driving laws. Teach them to never speed, drive erratically, and obey all traffic signs.

Auto Repair and Maintenance

A properly maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle. Educate your teen driver on the importance of routine auto repair and maintenance. Teach them to check their oil levels and inspect their tire tread and air pressure.

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Written by Carlisle Air Automotive