What to Do When Your Brakes Start Squealing

Welcome to Brakes 101!

The first thing you need to know about your brakes is how important they are. When you put your foot to the pedal, you don’t think about the complex system bringing your car to a stop, you just expect it. To be fully-functional, every part of the braking system needs to be in good condition, but unfortunately parts don’t last forever. Over time, brake pads and rotors will wear out. What you need to know is how to tell when they do.

How to Tell When Brakes are Going Out

Your ears are the best tool that every driver has to determine when it’s time for brake repair. Strange sounds like squealing and grinding are your brake’s way of calling out for help, so don’t ignore them! At the first sight, or rather sound, of trouble, make a visit to expert brake technicians.

Why Do Brakes Squeal?

Yikes! Squeaky brakes are enough to make you and anyone within earshot cringe when you come to a stop. This sign of worn out brakes is tough to miss, which means it should be easy to tell when it’s time for parts replacement. Just like your favorite pair of shoes will inevitably start to decay under so much use, so will your car’s brake pads. Stop after stop, day after day, brakes are under a lot of heat and pressure and will wear down eventually. When they do, they create the unmissable squealing sound. New brakes sometimes squeak right after replacement, but this sound will diminish once they break in. Have you noticed that your brakes start squealing after heavy rain? It is also normal for weather and road conditions to be hard on your car’s brakes.

What to Do When Your Brakes Wear Out

If your drive is turning into an unbearable, nails-on-chalkboard-like experience, don’t delay! Driving with worn out brakes is dangerous and could lead to more serious problems or breakdowns. Now that you know what signs to look out for, you can make sure your car’s brakes are always in good condition with the help of Carlisle Air Automotive.

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