How to Ensure a Safe and Happy Road Trip

Road Trip Maintenance Prep

Are you heading to the beach or the mountains this summer? Perhaps you will be taking random day trips over the next few weeks. Or maybe, just maybe, you are working on plans for that cross-country trip you have been longing for. Any which way you go, be certain your vehicle is ready for the ride. All too often, families worldwide are left disappointed by the inconvenience of a breakdown. So, before you head out, bring your car, truck, or SUV in for a check-up. Carlisle Air Automotive in South San Antonio, Texas provides the best maintenance services for safe and happy road trips.

Essential Road Trip Maintenance Services

Before hitting the road for your next adventure, you will want to make sure you arrange for the following services:

  1. Oil Change - Fresh clean oil and oil filters are a must before spending hours on the road. This will help to prevent dirt and particle build-up. If there are too many contaminants in the oil, it will not properly lubricate the engine and its components.
  2. Tire Check - Because the rubber meets the road, the tires must be in top-notch condition. Air pressure, surface condition, and tread depth need to be accurate if you are to avoid blow-outs. Most manufacturers recommend between 30 and 35 PSI (Pounds Per Square inch) of air. Tread depth should be no less than 2/32-inch, and there should not be any worn patches, cracks, or bulges on the tires. Oh yeah, don’t forget to check your spare tire too.
  3. Fluid Check - There is no sense in waiting for the bug splatter to build on your windshield to realize you are out of fluid. Just the same, if the fluids for your brakes, transmission, radiator, power steering, and A/C are too low, you will be in a heap of trouble.
  4. Brake Inspection - You cannot GO if you cannot STOP! It is important to know if your brake pads are worn and need replacing.

Road Trip Checklist: Last but Not Least

Windshield wipers, lights, hoses, and belts are among the items that also need to be in safe, working condition. In addition to that, leave room in your vehicle for jumper cables, a first-aid kit, a jack, and a roll of paper towels (Spills and emergency bathroom stops do happen!). Finally, approximately 4,000,000 motorists lock themselves out of their car each year. It’s not so bad when you’re close to home, but when you’re out of town, it’s not so good. Do yourself a favor, keep a spare key in your pocket. Now, once you’re all set, load up, and have a great trip!

Written by Carlisle Air Automotive