Does My Engine Need Oil Additives?

What You Need to Know About Engine Oil Additives

Your car’s engine needs the proper amount of clean motor oil to function at its best. Engine oil keeps all of the engine’s components lubricated, prevents overheating, and clears out debris and gunk. It is composed of base oils and additives.

But what exactly are oil additives and how can they help your engine? The professional technicians at Carlisle Air Automotive in North San Antonio, Texas are here to answer your burning questions about engine oil additives.

What Are Engine Oil Additives?

Oil additives make up about 10 to 30 percent of engine oil. They have three basics roles, including improving the existing base oil properties, preventing undesirable base oil properties, and carrying new properties to base oils.

While most motor oils already contain additives, you can also buy supplemental or aftermarket oil additives at your local auto parts store.

How Do Oil Additives Help My Engine?

Oil additives can help your car’s engine optimally function. Different additives are used for different applications, such as antioxidants, anti-wear, corrosion inhibitors, friction modifiers, and more.

As your engine oil ages, it will lose its additives. This can result in more wear and tear, rust, oil sludge, corrosion, overheating, less fuel economy, and even breakdowns.

It’s critical to keep on top of your routine oil changes to ensure the oil additives are working correctly. Even if you choose to add aftermarket or supplemental oil additives to your engine, your oil must be fresh and clean.

The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

As we stated before, regular oil changes will guarantee that the additives are properly working. Moreover, routine oil changes will keep your car running stronger for longer. Fresh motor oil keeps the engine lubricated, clean, and cool.

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Written by Carlisle Air Automotive