Beat the Heat | Get your Car AC Inspected

It's summer and you live in San Antonio, TX; you cannot survive the heat without your car AC working. Some days it gets so hot, you could almost cook an egg on your driveway. Beat the heat while driving this summer and make sure your car's Ac is working and that your freon/refrigerant is charged and ready to keep you cool on summer road trips or simply sitting in traffic.

AC Diagnostics and Repair

A vehicle's air conditioning unit is composed of several different but major parts. Your AC can cool the inside of your vehicle, dehumidify, but also move air inside and outside. Additionally, it removes particles, dirt, and pollen floating around your interior cabin. The main components of a car's air conditioning unit are the evaporator, condenser, and the compressor. Accurate diagnosis of AC problems is important to not only save you time but also save money. Call us, Carlisle Air Automotive and we will help improve your air conditioner's performance and lifespan.

What type of freon is used in my car?

There are two type of freon available, R12 and R134. R12 was used in vehicles prior 1995 when scientist discovered the use of R12 contributed to the depletion of the ozone layer. So, cars manufactured after 1996 use R134 freon. However, some older vehicles can and have been converted to use R134. Have a professional help you determine what type of refrigerant your car currently uses and if a conversion is necessary. Refrigerants are harmful and toxic to the environment when released into the air. This is why we and EPA advise our customers not to attempt to recharge freon themselves.

Your auto repair shop must have a certified MVAC technician to service a motor vehicle air conditioning or commonly referred to as an (MVAC) system. Bring your vehicle to a certified AC repair shop. Such as Carlisle Air Automotive with two convenient locations, you are never far from Carlisle Air in San Antonio, TX. Message Us Today and one of our Service Specialists and we will be happy to help you.

Written by Carlisle Air Automotive