3 Ways to Protect Your Car from Break-ins

Thieves are everywhere, and you should be prepared.

For many of us who live in urban areas, we know that you never know when you could be the next victim of theft. Crime rates also tend to be higher in highly populated areas, so you can never be too careful to protect yourself or your belongings. Follow these tips to lower your chances of a car break-in.

Protect your belongings

The majority of cars being broken into happen because a thief sees something that has been left inside that they want to take. When you leave your car parked, you should try to remove all of your valuables and take them inside. This ranges anywhere between electronic items, handbags, wallets, shopping bags or duffle bags. It only takes a moment for a thief to see something desirable in your car, shatter your window and make off with your stuff. If you absolutely have to leave something valuable inside, covering it up can also be effective in preventing a break in. If a thief can’t directly see something valuable, they are more likely to keep on walking. You can put smaller items in the glovebox, larger items in the trunk, or use a towel or blanket to cover anything else. This might seem obvious, but you also shouldn’t leave any money in the car. No cash, no debit or credit cards. Sometimes even loose change can be the item a thief breaks in for, you can never be too careful.

Install a Security System

A thief is going to look for the easiest target when picking cars to break into. Cars that have security systems are way less likely to be victimized. High-quality car alarms can be installed, and for extra protection, you can use a window sticker to advertise the fact that your car is protected by a security system. If you aren’t in the position to purchase a car alarm at the moment, you can buy a dummy sticker that makes a false claim that your car is secured, when it’s really not. Any preventative measure you can take could make the difference.

Consider Tinting Your Windows

Window tinting makes it way more difficult for outsiders to see what’s inside your car, leaving thieves little to no reason to break into yours. Keep in mind that each state limits the tint you can put on your car, so make sure to check tinting laws before getting yours done. Failure to comply with tinting laws can result in a ticket, and the whole point of getting them tinted in the first place was to prevent unfortunate circumstances, not to attract them.

To wrap it up, you can take measures to protect yourself, your belongings and to prevent a window replacement caused by a thief shattering it to get the treasure inside your car. We hope you found these tips helpful, and that they keep thieves away from your vehicle.

Written by Carlisle Service

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