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South Side’s Best Auto Parts and Service Provider

Our South San Antonio auto repair shop at 1291 New Laredo Highway has been providing the South Side with reliable vehicle parts for over 60 years. Automotive service shop owners and San Antonians come here first when there’s a part they can’t find anywhere else. Our decades of dedicated service and experience in the auto parts industry has given us a leg up on all our competitors. Some older vehicles are harder to find replacement parts for, but our reputation and our record have shown our customers that we can be trusted. We started out by supplying San Antonio with hard to find A/C parts for their vehicles. Using the recycled parts found in salvage facilities, we built ourselves into one of the largest sources for air conditioning parts in South Texas. Parts were refurbished and used to make us a major supplier of A/C parts. Now, our South San Antonio Location also offers quality automotive services from brake repair to oil changes, performed by our highly trained technicians. Don’t do the repair yourself – make sure you bring your vehicle to the experts at Carlisle Air Automotive.

A History of Superior Parts and Services

Carlisle Air Automotive has been an instrumental part of the automotive industry’s innovation since the beginning. We rebuilt evaporators that were supplied to almost every air conditioning company in the country. This equipment was much better than all others, because of its unique coating, making cores resistant to erosion from the acids present in air conditioning systems. We continued this innovation in A/C repair with the creation of our “COOL-AID” line of seals and gaskets. These were vehicle specific and eliminated the frustration of unavailable or incorrect seals and gaskets. Vehicle specific seal assortments are widely used today.