Two Locations For The Best A/C Repair & Auto Repair


For Your Auto Parts and Service Needs

Both our locations, in North San Antonio and South San Antonio, have service departments available to meet our customers’ automotive needs. While we built a large part of our reputation on outstanding parts supply, we continue to add to our legacy of services with general auto repair and maintenance. Bring your car to our garage for any of our discounted services. One of our many focuses is on the quality of your brakes and our outstanding brake repair services. Letting your brakes go too long without service can do irreparable damage to other parts of your vehicle. Don’t ignore the tell-tale signs of faulty brakes like that high-pitched squeal, or grinding noise. Obviously, the most important part of getting you back driving on the road is your ability to stop again. Timely oil changes are the easiest way to keep your engine running smoothly, and for a long time. We can keep you on a oil change interval that is most efficient, and use the best grade of oil for your vehicle. Many drivers are unaware of what they should actually be using, and therefore, are not giving their engines the most effective lubrication.

Batteries, A/C, and Engines–Expert Installations

Our experienced technicians are here to keep you safely on the road with our exceptional repairs and maintenance. If you’re having trouble starting your battery, or you need help charging it, we offer that as one of our services. Some A/C repairs will require a whole new climate control system to be installed into your car. As San Antonio’s most reknowned A/C repair specialists, we are just the team to provide your aftermarket A/C installation. We are also prepared and equipped to handle any engine repairs or replacements on site.