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Evaporator Repair

Is your car’s A/C still blowing cold? If not, you’ll want to contact the experts at Carlisle Automotive in North San Antonio, Texas for help! As the local experts for auto air conditioning repairs and services, we understand all of the parts that work together to keep drivers cool, no matter what the temperature is outside. We can tell if your vehicle’s problem is with the compressor, condenser, or evaporator to provide accurate repairs and solutions. Nobody enjoys paying for repairs that don’t fix the problem or driving around in the heat of summer, so you need someone you can trust to take care of auto A/C problems. Our ASE Certified technicians get the job done right to get you back on the road in the comfort of a cool, climate-controlled vehicle. We accept all makes and models for evaporator repair, so visit us today to get started!

What Does the Evaporator Do?

There are a few parts that work together to create a powerful A/C system. Along with the compressor and condenser, the evaporator works to deliver icy cold air into the cabin, cooling off the passengers and maintaining a comfortable environment for driving. Without it, you would spend your commute with the windows rolled down, praying for a strong breeze to relieve you from the heat. You don’t have to depend on the weather for a comfortable ride, as an evaporator is used in all vehicle A/C systems. It is the last part of the cooling process before air from the outside world enters the vehicle. Air passes through refrigerant in the evaporator, which removes heat and moisture to create a refreshing breeze. Even when temperatures climb, you can stay cool in your car with the help of this key part!

Common Problems

Here are a few key signs that you need A/C repair at Carlisle Automotive:

  1. No Cold Air Coming from Vents
  2. Strange Noises
  3. Inconsistent Performance
  4. Fluid Leaks

If you notice any of these problems with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us for service. You could save your car from major damage and save your wallet from costly repairs!

Schedule Evaporator Repair

Think your vehicle might have a problem with the air conditioning? Our technicians can tell whether or not the issue is with the evaporator and provide proper repairs. Get started today by stopping by our shop in North San Antonio, Texas. Find us at 6411 San Pedro Avenue near the San Pedro Driving Range. Feel free to call us at 210-558-1020 (north shop) with any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you!