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Powering Your Vehicle

Developments in technology have equipped vehicles with features that make driving easy and convenient. From advanced GPS systems to detailed oil life monitors, there are a variety of conveniences included on most of today’s cars that weren’t available even just a few years ago. But because of this innovation, your vehicle’s electrical diagnostic service, and Carlisle Automotive in North San Antonio, Texas can help with that. Our team of automotive professionals will determine what’s wrong with your vehelectrical system requires proper service and maintenance to ensure it’s always functioning. That’s where Carlisle Automotive can help.

Located in North San Antonio, Texas, our ASE Certified technicians and service advisors take the time to properly diagnose the condition of your vehicle’s electrical system. Once diagnostics are complete, they’ll provide the necessary repairs so that all of your vehicle’s conveniences are functioning. Whether it’s the radio cutting off or the battery dying, we handle every auto electrical problem with precision and care.

Need Electrical Diagnostics Service?

It can be difficult to determine when exactly your vehicle needs electrical diagnostic service, but there are symptoms that will give you a better indication. Are you unsure what to look for? Or maybe you’re looking to add to your list of warning signals? Regardless, the Carlisle team is here to help. If you see these warning signs, make sure you schedule a diagnostic visit with us!

Check Engine Light

This warning light should be your first indicator that your vehicle needs diagnostics service, as it is almost impossible to accurately determine what’s going on with your vehicle when this light is on. Before scheduling a service, make sure to replace or tighten the gas cap, as a loose gas cap is a common culprit for this pesky light! If the light doesn’t turn off after your adjustment, your vehicle will need professional help to accurately diagnose the problem.

Decreased Fuel Economy

As you become familiar with your vehicle, you begin to understand how often you need to visit the pump. If you notice that you’re visiting the pump a lot more frequently, your vehicle could be suffering from reduced fuel economy. There are numerous reasons as to why this is happening, and an electrical diagnostics appointment can help to determine and fix the cause.

Schedule a Diagnostics Service Today!

Did the check engine light trigger in your vehicle? Starting to experience reduced fuel economy? Your vehicle may be in need of a comprehensiveicle’s electrical systems and perform the necessary repairs so you are always driving with confidence and convenience. Give us a call at 210-558-1020 (north shop) and schedule your electrical diagnostics service today! If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by in person! We’re located on 6411 San Pedro Avenue. We look forward to earning your business.