Condenser Repair in South San Antonio, TX

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If you love the air conditioning in your car, you know that regular service is the key to its success. For your next service, you know to visit Carlisle Automotive in South San Antonio, Texas for repairs to keep the system running as it should! As the area’s experts for auto A/C service, we perform condenser repairs on all makes and models.

The Condenser

Along with the compressor and evaporator, the condenser makes air conditioning inside your vehicle possible, even when the temperatures are high. Each part in the system is essential to achieve cool, refreshing air blowing into the vehicle, which is why when one part fails you will need professional repairs. If your condenser is the source of poor performance problems, you might notice a lack of cold air coming through the vents or see cracked tubes in the assembly. These problems are your sign to visit our shop for service. We’ll make sure the condenser is working as it should!

Without the condenser, your car wouldn’t cool down in the heat of summer. You would feel the same inside as you did outside, and driving in a 80-degree heated vehicle sounds completely unbearable. That’s because we have powerful A/C systems working to keep us comfortable. The condenser plays a major role in the cooling process. It depressurizes, cools, and liquifies air to cool down the inside of the car. This part is every bit as complicated as it might sound, which is why you really need a professional at the helm when it’s time for repairs!

Signs You Need Repair

Wondering if your vehicle’s condenser is the cause of poor A/C performance? Carlisle Automotive can help you narrow down the problem behind any cooling problems in your vehicle. Our ASE Certified technicians have decades of experience working with all kinds of vehicles. We know A/C systems and are familiar with both their frequent and less common problems. Our technicians perform full diagnostics and thorough inspections to determine the exact cause of A/C failure. With that information and our shop full of advanced equipment, they carry out repairs to restore and improve the performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning. We guarantee you’ll leave our shop feeling cool and comfortable with a powerful A/C system!

Guaranteed Quality

Let Carlisle Automotive take care of your car’s A/C system needs! We are confident that we can handle the repairs for your vehicle and guarantee all of our services with a competitive 24-month/24,000-mile warranty! That gives you peace of mind to hit the road after your service and know you’ll be kept cool and comfortable the whole way. If anything should go wrong, just come back to our shop! We’ll fix it fast at no additional charge. For more information about our warranty and condenser repairs, call (210) 922-5991 or stop by our shop. Find us at 1291 New Laredo Highway in South San Antonio, Texas. We look forward to seeing you!