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Is Your A/C Broken?

Is your car’s air conditioning system broken? Let the local experts at Carlisle Automotive in South San Antonio, Texas help! We understand all of the parts inside your vehicle’s air conditioning that create a cool, comfortable environment. The compressor, condenser, and evaporator work together to keep temperatures inside the vehicle low even when they are soaring outside! No one wants to drive around in the heat of a Texas summer without a fully functional A/C system, so be sure to visit our shop right away to fix any problems. Our ASE Certified technicians provide professional repairs to keep the air blowing strong and cold in all makes and models!

What Does the Compressor Do?

The compressor is a part that your A/C system cannot function without. Think of it as the heart of the system, as it gets the whole process started! The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, removes heat and humidity, and cools the air as it enters the vehicle. Without it, the air blowing into the cabin would feel exactly the same as it did outside, which wouldn’t be helpful at all in the middle of summer! That means if you notice that the air blowing through the vents isn’t cold, you might have a compressor problem. When it is working properly, you should be able to feel a cool breeze coming out of the ventilation system! This part is what makes it possible to enjoy a cool 60 degrees even when temperatures outside rise above 80!

Signs You Need Repair

Compressors are powered by serpentine belts, which means that they may fail if the belt does. Although, the compressor won’t be your only concern at that point, as a car can’t operate without the serpentine belt! This could be a cause of serious failure, which is why our technicians watch for signs of damage during A/C service. Another key sign that the compressor is failing is a lack of cold air entering the vehicle. You should feel the icy blast of the compressor’s power, even in high temperatures. If you notice strange noises, fluid leaks, or inconsistencies with your air conditioning’s performance, seek out the expert services of Carlisle Automotive. We can help you get the compressor running as it should with a recharge or replacement. Remember that ignoring A/C problems could be very harmful to your vehicle, not just the comfort of your passengers! Our team is here to keep your car in top condition!

Schedule Compressor Repair

Schedule your compressor repair with Carlisle Automotive in South San Antonio, Texas by calling (210) 922-5991 or using our online scheduling system. We offer options for service at your convenience, but you don’t need an appointment to see our experts. Simply stop by 1291 New Laredo Highway for same-day repairs! We’ll get you back on the road in comfort! We look forward to your visit!