Certified Auto A/C Repair in San Antonio, TX

Equipped to Diagnose & Repair All Climate Control Systems

Expert Climate Control Repairs

Carlisle Air Automotive has been San Antonio’s automotive A/C experts since 1955. Our business was founded on the repair and retrofitting of auto air conditioning systems. It should be no surprise that we’re still the authority in this field. Each of our ASE Certified A/C repair technicians have no less than a decade experience inspecting, maintaining, and repairing automotive climate control systems. Unlike the A/C systems of yesteryear, modern day systems are equipped with numerous sensors that communicate with onboard computers. This requires an A/C repair technician to be specially trained to operate sophisticated leak detection and refrigerant identification equipment in order to properly diagnose the complexity of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. That’s why you shouldn’t take your vehicle to just any shop to have the A/C system fixed. Without the proper tools and expertise to diagnose the problem, you could be spending money on incomplete repairs. Avoid the headache and bring your car to us first. Our company was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence, so we make certain that when you bring your car to us, that you’re completely satisfied.

Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Today’s vehicles have become more like rolling electronic appliances than the mechanical devices they once were. There can be dozens of onboard computers and sensors installed on your vehicle. Many of these are integrated into the climate control system. Their functions include monitoring temperature, controlling compressor function, regulating system pressure, and much more. Troubleshooting the intricacy of twenty-first-century automotive air conditioning systems requires the proper tools and competence to use them. That’s why our A/C repair technicians are so highly regarded in this field. They have the experience and skillfulness to use these tools and carry out precise A/C repairs. In addition, all of our mechanics have access to over a million pages of technical data via Alldata®. This wealth of information is valuable resource that assists them in carrying out accurate and timely repairs. As an added benefit to our customers, we provide a written estimate with every air conditioning system diagnosis detailing what’s required to fix your vehicle’s A/C. We believe in being forthright with our customers and this is another example of how we do that.

Have Your System Checked Today

There’s no better time than now to have your air conditioning system checked. Using your A/C is not limited to just the summer, although we tend to use it the most during those months. Be sure your system ready to keep you cool and dry, no matter the time of year. Bring your vehicle to Carlisle Air Automotive today and see why we’re the finest A/C repair shop in San Antonio. Give us at call at (210) 922-5991 or stop by our South San Antonio location located at 1291 New Laredo Way.