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Carlisle Air Automotive of North San Antonio, TX offers professional brake repair service. Whether you are looking for brake repair, replacement, or maintenance Carlisle Air is your local and dependable dealership alternative. Our team of techs is ASE certified in brake mechanics and they put safety first by providing quality repair and maintenance. Customer safety is a top priority at our shop. When you have brake problems bring your vehicle to the best brake service shop in North San Antonio, Carlisle. Call (210) 558-1020 or bring your car to 6411 San Pedro Ave for specialized brake maintenance and repair.

The Importance of Brake Maintenance & Repair

Safety is important and your brakes are the first line when it comes to safety. People often forget about brakes. Yet, brakes are more than important they are crucial. Routine brake repair and maintenance can be the difference between avoiding an accident and being involved in one. Regular wear and tear on your brakes will happen and many things including driving style cause it. Some people drive aggressively and some do not. Those who drive more aggressive may need shorter service intervals to account for their driving habits. Stop-and-go traffic while commuting to work is also an issue that will increase wear and stress to the brake system. To improve your driving habits and reduce unnecessary wear and tear, defensive driving can also help break bad driving habits. For example, looking ahead and taking appropriate actions according to the speed of traffic and reducing reaction time to avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration. This will reduce service interval timespan and help prevent damage to rotors. Carlisle Air Automotive is your now local brake repair specialist. We will help you prevent unexpected breakdowns and avoid accidents and obstructions.

Warning Signals & What to Look For

Paying attention to your brakes when driving is important and can help you catch a problem before it becomes a large and annoying problem. Brake will give off both audible and physical warning signals. Common brake repair symptoms are a high pitch squealing sound, spongy or unresponsive brakes, and vibration. If you hear a loud high-pitched noise this indicated your brake pads are wearing thin and need replacement. The noise is caused by a small metal wear indicator that when exposed make this annoying noise. Spongy or unresponsive brakes feel just like they sound. Your brakes will not respond as quickly as usual and you may have to press down harder on your pedal to stop. This can be caused by low brake fluid, a leak, or brake system failure. Your warning light is also a great indicator of an air or fluid leak within the system. Your drum brake may need adjustment if your brake pedal sits lower than normal. Adjusters can become sticky and or rusty and may need cleaning or replacement to fix this problem. Other brake problems include vibration or pulsating pedal and uneven rotors or brake pads. Disk brakes can be damaged due to uneven rotors. Rotors can be compromised by lack of brake pad and occasionally they may be resurfaced. However, in severe situations replacement may be required. Reduce the possibility of damage and safety concerns with routine maintenance at Carlisle.

Routine Brake Service Interval

Routine maintenance and brake repair will save you valuable cash, and time while safeguarding your life. Our suggestion is to have your brake pads inspected every 5,000 miles to ensure you have proper thickness. The minimum amount of pad required to pass an inspection is 12 millimeters. You and your passenger’s safety rely on your ability to avoid obstacles and collisions. You should repair and maintain your brakes routinely to avoid expensive and avoidable damage. Postponement can cause extensive and expensive damage if ignored. Experiencing any of these problems? Bring your vehicle to North San Antonio’s expert brake mechanics at Carlisle Air Automotive.

Why Choose Us?

The brake repair specialists at our brake service shop are the best in town. They will examine your brake system and give you an honest estimate and advise. Questions and concerns will be addressed and you will be included in every step of the process. We know time is important and we offer quick and efficient brake maintenance and repair service. Stay safe and sound while driving with routine brake repair and maintenance service. Call (210) 558-1020 or schedule an appointment online. Or, stop by our 6411 San Pedro Ave location today!