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Carlisle Air Automotive in South San Antonio, TX provides expert brake repair and maintenance service. Whether you need brake repair, maintenance, or replacement brakes Carlisle is your dealership alternative. Our ASE certified brake mechanics understand your safety depends on quality brake maintenance and repair. Our customer’s safety is our number one priority. When you are experiencing brake problems we are the brake service shop you want working on your vehicle. Call (210) 922-5991 or bring your vehicle to 1291 New Laredo Hwy for professional brake maintenance and repair.

Brakes and Why they are Important

When thinking of safety, most people do not think about their brakes first. Yet, your brakes are the most important safety feature within your vehicle. Timely brake repair and maintenance can mean the difference between being involved in an accident, and being able to avoid one. Normal wear and tear on your brakes is caused by many factors but especially driving style. Some people like to “ride’ their brakes, while others drive more aggressively. Both styles put unnecessary wear on the brake pads and system. Commuting to work and stop-and-go traffic is another problem that adds stress to your brake system. Defensive driving can help reduce undue wear and bad habits. This includes looking ahead while driving to help predict the flow of traffic to reduce reaction time needed. This can help reduce the frequency of replacing your brake pads and prevent damage to rotors. Nothing could be more terrifying than trying to use your brakes, only to realize that they are not working properly in an emergency. Let Carlisle Air Automotive be your brake repair specialist and avoid unexpected accidents and prevent breakdowns.

Common Brake Problems & What to Look For

If you pay attention to your brakes you can feel when a brake problem begins. They can both sound and feel different than usual. General brake problem symptoms include your brake warning light, the brake pedal, and loss of brake pads which can cause damage to your rotors. When your brake pedal feels “spongy,” low brake fluid or a leak could be the culprit. Your warning light can also indicate air or a leak within your brake system. If you think you have spongy brakes have your car serviced at a reputable brake service shop as soon as possible. If your brake pedal rests lower than usual this can indicate that your drum brake adjuster may not be working correctly. Adjusters need to be cleaned or replaced if rusty or sticky to fix this problem. Additional, common brake problems are uneven rotors, pulsing pedal and/or vibration while braking, and damaged brake pads. Uneven rotors will wear on the disk brakes are often the cause of this problem. Rotors can sometimes be resurfaced but in extreme cases replacement may be necessary. Brakes can lock up due to a damaged brake pad or shoe. A loud squealing sound heard when braking is an indicator of low brake pads and is a warning to get them replaced soon.

Timely brake repair and maintenance cannot only save you valuable time and money but possibly your life. We suggest having your brake pads and system inspected every 5,000 miles to ensure you and your passenger’s safety. Brake maintenance and repair isn’t something you should procrastinate about. Procrastination can also cause further, more extensive, damage if ignored. If you are having any of the above problems, bring your car to San Antonio’s professional brake mechanics at Carlisle. Maintenance is more cost-effective than repairs and or replacements due to neglect.

Why Choose Carlisle Air Automotive

Our brake repair specialists at Carlisle brake service shop will inspect your brake system and provide you with an honest repair estimate prior to completing the job. A specialist will go over the service or repair with you and answer any questions you may have. We understand your time is valuable and we work hard to provide maintenance and repair service in a timely manner. Keep you and your passengers safe and happy while driving around town with timely brake repair and maintenance. Call (210) 922-5991 or schedule service online today. We are competitively priced and offer free local shuttle service stop by 1291 New Laredo Hwy today!