AC Repair in South San Antonio, TX

Dependable and Reliable Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Whether it is summer or not your vehicle’s air conditioning system need to be working properly. Carlisle Air Automotive is South San Antonio, TX offers expert A/C repair and maintenance. Our technicians are all ASE certified who are skilled in leak detection and diagnostics. Using the latest technology and equipment proven throughout the industry including Halide, Nitrogen charged components, Electronic, Ultraviolet detectable die, and submersion. Each of Our A/C repair specialists has over 10 years of air conditioning repair, maintenance, and service experience. Every time your vehicle is serviced you will receive a computer-generated estimate that includes all necessary details such as parts and labor so you know what is being done and what to expect. For reliable and dependable service call (210) 922-5991 or stop by our South San Antonio location at 1291 New Laredo Highway.

Your Car’s Air Conditioning Does More Than Keep You Cool

To power your automobile, a basic four-cylinder engine produces an average of 4,000 explosions per minute. These explosions cause a lot of heat. That heat has to be cooled especially outside temperatures are running hot. This is where your vehicle’s cooling system and AC come into play. Your vehicles air conditioning has an important job that consists of controlling the temperature within your engine and the interior of your car. This process keeps your engine from overheating and off the side of the road. The cooling system within your vehicle is complex because of all the inner working parts that work together to allow your vehicle to be cooled. The most important component of you’re a/c is the compressor. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant to cool the air. Various tubes and refrigeration lines circulate the hot air released from your engine through a cooling system where the compressor cools the air. This procedure, along with the role of a radiator and condenser combined allow the expansion and evaporator valve to work cohesively in order to maintain your vehicle’s engine and safeguard it from overheating.

Maintaining your Vehicle’s, A/C Unit

As with any car, general maintenance, repair, and service is important and necessary. Whether it is your engine, transmission, or your A/C unit, it needs to be well kept and serviced to keep it working and in good condition. One thing you can easily do yourself is to watch your refrigerant levels. When refilling make sure you don’t over fill as it can cause unnecessary damage. If your auto’s AC is not blowing cool air, adding refrigerant may possibly not be the answer. This can indicate a cooling system failure or leak. This can lead to more extensive A/C repair. Carlisle also recommends every 24,000 miles having the cooling system flushed. Is helps reduce unexpected breakdowns, while blowing cold are, keeps liquid within cooling system clean and free of particles that can build up, and avoiding corrosion. Not having your cooling system flushed can lead to expensive a/c repair services. Don’t hesitate bring your vehicle to Carlisle Air Automotive and we will get you and your vehicle back on track. Call (210) 922-5991 or schedule service online.

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